Action Records – A great UK-based record shop.

Amazon – Oh man, what can’t you buy from this site?

Barnes & Noble – Books!

Cheapo – Quite possibly the biggest local record shop.

eBay – Why yes, I do need a lot of 144 multi-coloured pipe cleaners. How did you know?

80s Tees – T-shirts featuring awesome 80s stuff. Basically, my childhood on t-shirts.

Etsy – Buy handmade!

Second Spin – New and used CDs.

Spun – New and used CDs.

Threadless – Nifty t-shirts.

Wherehouse – New and used CDs.


The Cinematics – Great Scots! (Sorry for the pun.)

Domino Records – My favourite indie label.

Franz Ferdinand – My favourite dance-y foursome.

Radiohead – I love them.

Travis – By far the nicest lads in music.

Twin Cities Music

Avenpitch – Electro-punk awesomeness.

Dissociate – My friend Jonathan’s electronic noise project.

Mach FoX – Glam electronic punk rock.

Stellar Vector – Progressive-y indie rock.

The Great Went – Instrumental rock that will rock your face off.


Art Institutes International – The school that charged me a lot of money for a piece of paper that says I’m artistic. I love them anyway, though.

IGN – I won’t even buy a game without reading the review of it here.

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts – My favourite local art museum.

The Museum of Russian Art – Russian art! YES!

Theatre Pro Rata – One of the finest local theatre companies.

Walker Art Center – Minneapolis’ modern art museum.

Weisman Museum – The University of Minnesota’s art museum.