Boredom Killers

Bored? Well, here are some websites that may make the work day go by a little faster. I mean, not that you surf the web when you should be working…nah…


Autocomplete Me – Google’s “auto-complete” feature can be hilarious.

Cake Wrecks – Cake decorating goes to hell.

Capybara Madness – Meet Gari the capybara, the “capybara ambassador.”

Comixed – Making comics out of photos.

Cute Overload – Cute animals! Squee!

Diesel Sweeties – A comic about robots.

Engrish – Lost in translation.

Epic Win FTW – Things that are awesome.

Exploding Dog – Pictures based on user-submitted phrases.

Fail Blog – …And then there things that are not awesome.

Failbook – Facebook fails.

Garfield Minus Garfield – Somehow, it’s funnier without the fat orange cat.

Geek Crafts – Nerdy crafts are the best crafts.

GraphJam – Popular culture in graph form.

Homestar Runner – Funny!

I Can Has Cheezburger – Home of LOLcats.

Laugh-Out-Loud Cats – Hand-drawn versions of LOLcats.

Look At This Fucking Hipster – Ugh, hipsters.

Married To The Sea – Comics by Drew (of Toothpaste For Dinner) and Natalie (of Natalie Dee)

Natalie Dee – Do you want a corn dog? HELL YES.

New Math – This is the only kind of math I like: the funny kind.

Nothing Nice To Say – Punk rock comic.

Odd Todd – Unemployment is funny.

Overheard In Minneapolis – All that snow makes us crazy and funny.

Overheard In The Office – When you spend 40 hours a week somewhere, things are bound to get weird.

People Of Walmart – Bad just got worse.

Photoshop Disasters – Cloning tools gone wild.

Probably Bad News – Sometimes bad news is funny.

Questionable Content – This comic makes me laugh so hard.

Sleeveface – Album artwork meets real life.

Spamusement – Comics inspired by spam e-mail subject lines.

Sprite Stitch – Video game-inspired crafts.

Superpoop – Comics by Drew (of Toothpaste For Dinner).

Toothpaste For Dinner – One of my favourite blogs of all-time.

Totally Looks Like – Things look like other things. Fancy that!

Weebl & Bob – Odd mini-movies.

Games & Things To Do

Emo Game – There are four games, now!

Desktop Tower Defense – Super addicting, and super fun.

Magnetic Poetry – Play with magnetic poetry!

Mini-Mizer 3.0 – Make your own LEGO minifig graphics.

Mr. Picassohead – Make your own Picasso painting.

Says It – Generate your own text on objects like church signs, VHS tapes and movie marquees.

South Park Studio – Make your own “South Park” characters.

Where Is Jesus? – It’s like “Where’s Waldo?” but…holy.

Wikipedia – Just look up something. Believe me, six hours later you’ll wonder why you’re reading about egrets.

YouTube – Seriously, this is the biggest time-waster ever.

Six Degrees of Black Sabbath – Connect any two bands or artists. No, really.


Furniture Porn – Furniture goes XXX.